The convenience of OEM Honda parts

For a typical vehicle owner, it's difficult to identify common problems with their vehicle on their own. In many cases, you are advised to visit the a certified technician or auto shop. Aftermarket body panels may not fit right way and may lack appropriate crumple zones for crash safety. Different local mechanics have different brands for one part, which poses risks for your vehicle. OEM parts are equal, unlike aftermarket parts which have uncertain quality.

When making repairs, there are economic considerations. Aftermarket parts lower your vehicles value. Thus using them for repairs may cost you a part or all of your vehicle's resale value. In most cases, insurance companies prefer the dealer's repairs for vehicles insured because they are convenient. If you request aftermarket parts, most companies will ask for the extra fee. Original equipment manufacturer parts are more competitively priced than aftermarket parts. Some dealers offer discounts for some parts and also advise on their maintenance. For more details on Honda OEM parts, visit us at Honda of Serramonte.

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