Three Signs That Your Transfer Case is Ready for Repairs

Shifting into four-wheel-drive requires a unique mechanical device known as a transfer case. When that component breaks down, it must be repaired immediately if you want to avoid further damage to your vehicle. Here is a quick look at three signs that your transfer case might need to be serviced.

The first sign that you should keep an eye out for is a grinding noise whenever you shift into or out of four-wheel-drive. If the transfer case is badly damaged, then you might not be able to switch into four-wheel-drive at all. You also need to check your driveway once every few days for any oil leaks directly under your parking spot.

If you believe that your transfer case might be damaged, then please head to Honda of Serramonte today. Our Honda service department is here to help residents of Colma, CA and the surrounding communities with all of their mechanical needs.

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