Decoding the Tire Sizing Code

Reading the tire sizing code can be somewhat confusing. A series of letters and numbers doesn't mean much to the untrained eye without some sort of road map. Fortunately, it is not really all that difficult to understand. For example, if a tire sidewall reads P265/70R17, then that translates to:

  • P = Passenger vehicle type tire.
  • 265 = Tire width. This tire would be 265 millimeters wide.
  • 70 = Aspect ratio. This height of this tire would be 70% of its width.
  • R = Radial construction.
  • 17 = Wheel diameter. This tire would fit on a 17" wheel.

So as you can see, once you get a handle on how the sizing code is read, it is not really all that confusing. Once you understand what the characters designate, you can then read it on any tire. If you have any more questions about tire sizing, then ask one of our Honda parts specialists here at Honda of Serramonte in Colma.

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