Fill Up Your Gas Tank

One thing that you can do to get ready for winter weather is to make sure you always have a full gas tank. There’s often a debate about the proper level to have in your fuel tank. Many of us have been in a hurry, and only grab a few dollars in fuel before heading on our way. However, filling up that tank can be beneficial in many ways.

By always operating with a full tank, you keep the fuel pump cooled (typically cooled by fuel). If you run low on fuel, it can expose the fuel pump and could cause it to overheat. This could leave you stranded. Filling your fuel tank all the way up also can prevent unnecessary condensation in your tank. This would also lend itself to getting water in your fuel and would hinder the performance of your automobile, potentially leaving you stranded as well. Learn more about auto maintenance at our Honda dealership in Colma, CA.

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