Why Should I Switch to Wiper Fluid?

A major blunder that many Colma commuters commit during the winter is leaving water in the windshield washer reservoir. When you need to clear the windshield in colder weather, the system will fail as the water turns to ice and could damage all those moving parts.

Correct windshield wiper fluid is formulated to work in the winter because it contains antifreeze. These means that even if the temperatures are in the teens, you can still turn on your wipers and have the windshield wiper fluid clear the way effectively. The other reason to consider proper windshield wiper fluid is because it contains detergents and solvents that help break down things like bugs or bird droppings stuck on the windshield. With a few sprays of the windshield wiper fluid, that glass will be sparkling clear again. To remove and replace any water in your washer reservoir with new washer fluid, contact our crew at Honda of Serramonte today.

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