Tips on What To Do And Where To Go During A Test Drive

Knowing what to look for in a test drive is the secret to used car shopping. Here are a few tips and tricks to know before starting the motor and during the drive.

Begin by getting in and out of the vehicle. Is it comfortable and easy? Sit in the car. Can you see all around you clearly? Start the motor, and let it idle for a few minutes. Operate the controls, such as the blinkers, windshield wipers, and radio.

Next, drive on a freeway or highway. Feel how the car handles at higher speeds. Drive in an area where you have to stop and start frequently. Park the car, and drive it in reverse. Test the navigation system and other technologies the vehicle may have. Ask about the safety features and how they work.

If you want to take a few cars out for a test drive, visit us here at Honda of Serramonte. We will get you set up behind the wheel today.



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