Step by Step Guide to Testing Your Car's Battery

All you need to test the battery in your vehicle is a simple voltmeter and the understanding of how to test it safely. Let the Honda service technicians here at Honda of Serramonte get you started with testing your car battery at home.

Begin to test your car battery by making certain the light switch is in the off position and that the car ignition is turned off. If you have a small wire brush or a terminal cleaning tool, try to get the corrosion off the terminals before testing to get a more accurate reading. The red end of the voltmeter goes to positive terminal on the battery. The black end of the voltmeter goes to negative terminal on the battery.

Turn on the voltmeter; the reading for a good battery will be in the 12.4 range or higher. If the reading is below 12.2, the battery may not charge anymore or produce the needed cranking amps. If your battery shows it could be failing, come to our Colma, CA service facility so we can test it further and replace if needed.

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