Signs Your Tires Need to be Replaced Soon

The pressure in the car tires must be within a certain range to extend the life of the tread and avoid maneuvering issues on the highway. Keep in mind a few of these potential signs if the pressure falls out of the recommended range.

If the pressure falls below the recommended range, the tires tend to ride with more tread on the road. This under-inflated tire can wear the tread in outer areas and put the tire at risk of a blowout. That added friction makes it hard to steer your vehicle when driving at higher speeds.

If the car tire pressure is too high, now less tread is on the highway and your tire is basically balancing along. This makes it more challenging to control the vehicle in slick conditions. Don't wait until your tires fail. Come to our Honda parts and repair facility in Colma, CA and our team will carefully check the pressure and treads of all the tires on your vehicle.

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