Understanding some of the basic systems of your car will make you a more informed owner, which can help to save you money when things go wrong. As your wheels spin, they also spin a metal disc. When you press your brake pedal, a caliper squeezes tightly on this disc, bringing your car to a halt. The calipers have a protective pad mounted on either side made of heat-absorbing graphite. As time goes by, this graphite wears down, producing a black dust you might see on your hubcaps.

Your brakes will let you know the pads need replacing by giving a high-pitched squeal as you press on the pedal. It's best to replace them promptly to avoid any damage to your braking system. Honda of Serramonte has qualified mechanics ready to service every aspect of your braking system. Whether you need to replace your brake pads or need a full reconditioning of your entire system, we'll be here for you.



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