How to Protect Your Vehicle From Rodents

Most people don't think of rodents as a factor that can damage the performance of their vehicles. As manufacturers turn to more plant-based biodegradable materials to reduce waste in construction, this problem could become very real for you, as rodents could invade your vehicle and damage various parts.

One solution to deter rodents from chewing through essential parts on your vehicle is using a special tape treated with capsaicin and placing it on essential parts. You can also try placing metal harnasses or mesh around hoses or around openings where rodents can enter.

Rats and mice love to hide int he nooks and crannies of your engine. To help prevent this, use a car alarm or another audible alert to help chase them out. Be aware that rodents are on the constant lookout for food. Keep your vehicle free of food scraps so that rodents aren't tempted to visit.



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