If you thought it was hard to cope with your teen having their driver's license, wait until they have their own car. Seriously, though, your teen's first car is an important purchase as you want a safe, reliable vehicle that will help them get where they need to go for many years to come. At Honda of Serramonte, we offer these tips to consider as you get ready to make that big purchase.

First, consider bigger and heavier vehicles. While they may use more fuel, they are proven to be safer in accidents. Hopefully, this fact is never tested with your teen in the car, but if it is, they will be far more likely to walk away, the more metal that surrounds them. Along these lines, it's vital to review crash test ratings of the vehicles you consider. A car that seems perfect for your teen may seem less perfect when you realize it doesn't perform well in crashes.

We want you to make the best, most informed decision when it comes to purchasing a car for your teen. Stop by our dealership and a vehicle specialist will show you the best options.



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