With winter behind you and a fun summer ahead, spring is an excellent time to clear off the grime on your car from salty, sandy roads and to prepare it for the warm temperatures that are coming.

Hot weather is a particularly unpleasant time to be stranded, so have your battery checked if you suspect it's starting to show its age. Check your coolant level periodically to make sure it's full. If your car is giving small warning signs, like stalling or idling roughly, take it in for servicing. Have your oil changed, replace dirty filters, make sure your tire tread is adequate, and run your air conditioner to rule out any problems with it.

You can bring your car by Honda of Serramonte and we'll lend you a hand with your spring car care. Whether you need a tuneup or you would like us to put your summer tires on or check your battery, we're ready to help you enjoy the best of the season ahead with your vehicle.



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