At Honda of Serramonte, we like to help our customers keep their cars in top shape. Washing your vehicle on a routine basis is important because it increases resale or trade-in value and keeps your vehicle looking sharp.

How often should you wash your car? If your vehicle is exposed to heat or you have a long daily commute, then washing your vehicle once a week is an important preventative maintenance step. Newly splattered bugs and bird droppings should be washed away swiftly to prevent long-term damage to the paint. You may only need to wash your vehicle every month or so if you keep it parked in a garage most of the time or live in an area that has mild weather.

Other than keeping the exterior visually appealing, keeping your vehicle clean also improves fuel efficiency. A coat of dirt on your vehicle will cause more drag, which will use more fuel. Clean cars are about 10% more fuel efficient than dirty vehicles, so keeping your vehicle clean is an easy way to save on gas!



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