As far as automotive parts go, hoses and belts don't get the attention they deserve. These nifty auto parts work constantly while you drive, keeping a wide array of vehicle components running smoothly and efficiently. Here's a brief rundown from our Honda of Serramonte service department's expert techs.


Hoses transport coolant, heat and power. Most hoses bear the name of the vehicle component or system they act on: clutch hose, radiator hose, hydraulic hose, heater core hose and coolant hose, for example.

Hoses can last up to four years, but extreme weather, off-road adventures and overall road conditions in Colma can shorten this lifespan. In general, hoses are prone to harden, erode, crack and burst. Better to have them checked and replaced sooner than later.


The timing belt and the serpentine belt are your vehicle's most important. The timing belt keeps your engine's timing on point and efficient. The serpentine belt transports vital power throughout your vehicle to things like the air conditioner, power steering pump and alternator.

Have your hoses and belts checked today with routine service at our dealership. We can't wait to meet you.


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