The ideal and reliable SUV for an explorer, daily commuters, and families, the Honda Passport is available for lease or purchase at Honda of Serramonte. Drivers looking for a versatile and spacious SUV at an affordable price can get a great deal when purchasing a Honda Passport.

Powerful and responsive engines fuel exceptional performance, making driving around Colma exhilarating. The powerful engine offers impressive torque and horsepower for hauling capability and premium acceleration. With the AWD version, you can tow up to 5,000 pounds, enabling you to pull campers and heavy loads confidently and efficiently.

While this SUV is busy maneuvering around rough and smooth surfaces easily, its interior offers plenty of space and entertaining elements. With this SUV, you can carry up to five passengers without worrying about their legroom and headroom. You will also find plenty of cargo space to carry your groceries and camping bags, which increases when you fold the second-row seats.


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