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Across sales, finance, service and part departments, we strive for constant improvement on behalf of the customers our team proudly serves. This strive for consistent development means a constant evaluation of processes and current customer service expectations is critical. One of the best ways to evaluate how customers are enjoying experiences on our showroom floor is to hear from you directly! This way, we can continue to refine and improve accordingly, directly benefitting shoppers interested in new Honda models, pre-owned vehicles and the wealth of top-notch services our experts provide.

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Using either Google+, Yelp,, or Edmunds, log into a digital portal and leave a detailed review regarding a recent trip to Honda of Serramonte. After processing, our team will post this commentary and take your feedback directly into account. Have any questions about these reviews or the process of leaving your own review? Give us a call today! We look forward to hearing from you and encourage you to reach out during regular business hours.

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